August is an exciting month for us with a lot of milestones:

Tom turned six yesterday, which means Katie and I have been parents for six years! (Liz is 3 and a half, with her birthday in December.)

We were married on August 9th, 2008, which means we’ve been married for ten years next Thursday!

We also moved to NYC in August 2008, which means we are probably New Yorkers by now. We moved from Brooklyn to Jackson Heights, Queens in August 2015, which makes seven years in Brooklyn and 3 in Queens! (Here’s to 2 more, we just signed a new 2-year lease)

I also started my first full-time engineering job in August 2008, which means I’ve been doing engineering professionally, and more specifically, JavaScript, for ten years! (At five different companies: Patch, Kickstarter, Jukely, Abacus, ActBlue)

Also! My birthday is August 19th, when I turn 32 years old.

Phew! 😅