i make things. mostly websites:

2008 – 2010 in the summer of '08, i moved to new york city, and started my first job as the original front-end engineer at a startup that was building a yet-unnamed network of local news sites. we ended up calling it patch, and later selling it to aol.

2010 – 2014 a few of my friends started working on a new website that would let artists raise money from their friends/family/fans to fund their creative projects. as a creator myself, i was thrilled to empower that mission, so i joined them as the twelfth employee and third engineer.

2014 – 2015 once kickstarter was established, i was looking for new ways to empower artists, and one of my friends had started a company designed to bring people out to live music events, with a particular focus on discovering bands at their beginning of their careers. it began as an iphone app, so they brought me on as lead web engineer, to build their website.

2015 – 2017 from my experience at kickstarter, i knew that once creative projects got to a certain point and spun into their own companies, they needed a whole suite of supporting software. i was thrilled to help build financial products for young companies. we were ultimately acquired by emburse.

2017 – during the 2016 election, i got involved with all-virtual volunteer groups of technical folks that were building technology to help progressive campaigns win elections. in 2017 i started looking for a way to do that work full time, and i found actblue, a non-profit tech company that builds a fundraising platform for progressives, which perfectly fit both my background and my ideals.